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Lyrics Quiz

Since there is little that I can add to the page at the moment, I've decided to make up a little lyrics quiz;) enjoy....o yea and no cheating! well, you can if you like but then it's no fun, try to take the quiz from memory. Also, the quiz has been writen with the assumption that the singer is the "I" in the song, whether or not that is true.

1. In "People We Want", what did the papers find out?

2. In "Acetone", where do we all have our fun?

3. If we were to say that "Private Buchowski" is about a person, what is her hobby?

4. Where did Emmy-Kate see the "Walrus"?

5. In "Lights out in a Provincial Town", someone writes their autobiography, what do they say about Lauren?

6. What does the boy in "Packed In" think is this year's thing?

7. What do kenickie do in the park in "Come Out 2nite"?

8. Name two reasons "P.V.C." is the 'nix's fave plastic.

9. What was the only thing people think Lauren is in "Hooray for Everything"?

10. In "How I was Made" what reason does Lauren give for why her blood runs cold?

the answers see how you did!