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Les reponses

wasn't too hard was it?

1. In "People We Want", what did the papers find out?

"it was a shame when the papers found out, her real name, what the joke was about" If you said "her real name" or just "her name" give yourself one point, if you also said "what the joke was about" give yourself two points (yes, it is debatable if the joke is her name or something else)

2. In "Acetone", where do we all have our fun?

"bus station seats, where we all have our fun" Pretty straight forward that one, eh? One point

3. If "Private Buchowski" is about a person, what is her hobby?

"since when was stalking a crime?" I think it's safe to suggest she's a point

4. Where did Emmy-Kate see the "Walrus"?

"saw her in the kitchen" One point

5. In "Lights out in a Provincial Town", someone writes their autobiography, what do they say about Lauren?

"writes her autobiography there's no true word in it about me" It would be correct if you said "no true word" or something like "nothing true" one point (can anyone tell me that name of the person, I can't make it out in the song, is it a name she says?)

6. What does the boy in "Packed In" think is this year's thing?

"he thinks crushes are this year's thing" one point

7. What do kenickie do in the park in "Come Out 2nite"?

"time goes slow in the dark, we're getting drunk in the park, we've got our gang" One point if you said either getting drunk or being with "the gang", two if you said both

8. Name two reasons "P.V.C." is the 'nix's fave plastic.

"PVC, 'cause it's nice and shiny, PVC and completely waterproof" one point for any of those two, give yourself an extra point if you got all three

9. What was the only thing people think Lauren is in "Hooray for Everything"?

"you thought that I was only glitter" one point for glitter, zero for some deep philosophical analysis of the whole thing

10. In "How I was Made" what reason does Lauren give for why her blood runs cold?

"the good lord filled my veins up with silt from the river" une point pour toi

Your score:

1-4: At the Club is a brilliant album, obviously you haven't been really supporting the single industry, have you? Still that's okay;) Just go sing "Classy" five times

4-8: Break out those b-sides and commit the lyrics to memory, then write a long thesis paper for school on the deeper meaning of "Waste You". Try listening to the original version of "I'm an Agent" from Gary Numan for further understanding of deep kenix inner workings

8-12: Awww, poor kid, you probably cried a lot when they broke up didn't you? It obviously wasn't your fault because you bought Get In! the day it came out. Consider making a kenix museum in your basement/brother's room with Skillex playing in the background 24 hours a day

13: I dislike you, I bet you own Catsuit City don't you? You've already, written that thesis paper on "Waste You" and kicked your brother out of his room so you could make a museum for kenix didn't you? Since you're quite knowledgeable feel free to submit lyric question to me everyone else feel free as well;)