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Kenickie and me, me and my kenickie

I'm not sure why it is kenickie, that I love so much. I'm listening to them right now and I'm still not sure. I mean it could've been some other group with gals couldn't it? What makes them so special? Well, I'll share with you why they are special to me.

The first time I really knew..understood, so to speak, who the 'nix were I was reading an article in Goldmine, which you can read in the articles section of this webpage. I didn't really know who was who, all I knew was that Marie was being interviewed. I thought maybe this Marie might be Lauren in the picture of the band. And before I even started reading the article I thought possibly X was a butch femme. I may have passingly heard prior to reading the article that kenix were gals soooo I wasn't sure who he was;)

With a gift certificate I had for a used CD store in the neighbourhood I picked up a copy of At The Club, I didn't know that much music at the time so I thought I'd take a gamble. Another gamble I took that day was with Kula Shaker and I have to admit that that gamble was less successful...anyways;) Therefore the first 'nix song I heard was In Your Car since that was the first on the album. I recall PVC and Punka were the first songs that stuck with me.

Before I go on that much more, let's go back to the Goldmine article. I think it's important that I share the impressions that the article gave me. I really really thought that kenix were really super cool. Marie gave this whole talk about them learning how to play their intruments only AFTER they started the band. And how you can't have someone else teach you or it ain't fun. Another impression that I was given was probably a wrong one, that kenix were successful and popular in England. Not that they weren't or aren't but from thinking this I figured "well, they taught themselves and they must have done a good job if they're big". So, in a way this lie was good. It convinced me that I couldn't really go wrong with getting into this band. Finding out what they were like, eh?

The first few months I was into kenickie, to me they were the ultimate addictive pop band. I'm not sure if they were much more to me yet. But I found them very lovely and enjoyable. Of course then as all things go, I went off them a bit. I didn't listen to them for ages. I did convince my mate in California in this time period however to listen to them;)

Obviously, I got back into the 'nix. I started listening to them one day and haven't stopped. 'Come Out 2nite' has always very much so for myself been a really uplifting song. It's one of those songs that makes a girl such as myself feel that I can do anything I want, so that's good;)

When Get In was set to come out, I got really excited. I figured after it was released it could only be awhile until kenix might tour the States...and I could see them! I was so full of optimism and hope for kenickie, who I had rediscovered for a few months by then and they had become my second fave band (and only second 'cause I've liked my fave longer). I remember seeing Nightlife 7" leopard print in vinyl but not buying it 'cause I was sure that they would be around for a long time and I should save my money for new singles, for t-shirts, for cover stories of them in mags when the rest of the world finally saw the light and went "wow! kenickie are brilliant!!!!!!!"

Of course we know where this is leading. Then they broke up. I sort of figured it was a joke when I first heard or that they must just be giving it a break. I mean, how could they not release Get In in the States? How could they not tour here so I could try to meet them and share with them how much I love them? I felt disappointed. I didn't cry 'cause they weren't dead but afterwards occassionally I've felt a sinking feeling. It was surreal. And no one understood. My parents could care less, no one around here knows who they are, I wanted to scream at all of them "try to understand! one of the best bands of the 90's broke up! this band's music meant so much to me! how can you not see past the music charts? how can you not see music beyond the American shores?" See, in a way it's almost more then them just not knowing who they were. There was also the underlying frustration that almost everyone here ignores an entirely different brand of music that exists in another country if it isn't shoved in their face and served on an easy accessible plater. Not that this doesn't happen in England....BUT! You know what I mean.

I try to share kenickie's music with anyone I can. I was asked to make a tape for my penpal in Poland of them and I was going to refuse when it hit me that it is all of our duty, those who loved kenickie, to share their music with the world. Because let's face it, people are oblivious. We can't expect them to just recognise kenickie's brilliance by seeing a picture of them or hearing Stay in the Sun. They need some help, hmmm?

Let's talk about Get In now. I finally bought the album when I was in Ireland earlier this year. Previously a kind soul had copied it for me so it wasn't as though I hadn't heard it already. But having it on CD made me happier, I blantantly told my father that I wouldn't leave the country without having bought Get In. ;) I used to think that Get In was an okay album, that it would never take the place of ATC in my heart. But listening to it a lot more this is very much so an emotional album, where ATC was more...shouty. it scares me how so many lyrics from Get In mirror my own emotions and feeling. Suddenly, kenickie are not only my band that inspires me and makes me happy but they are also a band that I can listen to and feel that they can relate to me. I can listen to kenix whether I be depressed, stupidly happy, bored, tired or anything! Their music will always be here for me And That's Why (I wuv 'em;))

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