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Random Lyrics

This is not an actually lyrics page, rather I think kenickie have some really good ones so I felt like sharing with everyone;) I was going to analyze the whole thing to the point of nauseum but then I decided to spare everyone

Here are my fave lyrics from I Never Complain:

"You and I are right we're like angels but we're scared of dying", I mean aren't angels not suppose to die? So, there ya go, contradiction but I like that.
"We're like comets but, we're not so bright", comets are technically shooting stars but, we don't shine as bright (woo! let's have a show of hands of who doesn't want to hear my damn interptation of the lyrics)

My fave lines from Cowboy:
"When they fall to sleep, they're careful not to be their real selves in their dreams"

"Pills control her health, she can't respect herself, at least it makes her interesting"

Classy has some nifty weird sort of lines:
"We have a laugh falling down smashing cars"

"We make things out of sin, with blood and human skin"

"We catch the bus into town, into hell"

"We make things out of dust, so we can smash them up"

Now Robot Song get's brownie points for those sad lines that make you sort of think about at times in your life, a bit bitter at times:
"I'm so lucky I can pick my feelings, I never want to cry. I'm so ugly but, I pick my feelings so, I choose not to mind. It's true to you it must seem sad, I know it all and I'm not sad believe 'cause I choose not be."

enough of this odd rambling, you say? fine just go back why don't you?