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So, Select enjoy getting bands drunk. A few months back they decided to get our kenix girls drunk. If you would enjoy hearing Emmy, Marie and Lauren's drunk ramblings, be my guest! Note: this link takes you to my other page but if you press you're back button you won't be lost forever;)

So it might ruin your indie cred if you read this but I got it from J17 which is a British teenage magazine. They interviewed kenix about holidays they've taken in the past. You, know, where did they Stay in the Sun? Well, have fun now;)

Here's a feature ATN did on kenickie. Which is indeed from where I got the above picture.;) note: I've been told this link doesn't work so when I have time I'll try to fix it

here is truely looonnnggg article from Goldmine where they interviewed Marie. As a warning Goldmine are a wee notorious for printing flase information but, still read the article by all means!

my Angel found this article for me online and here it is for your enjoyment;)