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Packing, burning, camping, snogging- the Kenickie girls let us in on their holiday secrets

Marie on summer
"I love summer. You get to wear nice little clothes and vests, and you feel healthier because you sit outside. And even if you don't go to school anymore, there's a distinct no-school feeling!"

Lauren on the perfect holiday
"My ideal holiday would be doing nothing somewhere really hot by the sea, like the Caribbean or the south of Spain. I like hot, sunny beaches where you can dabble your toes in the water."

Emmy-Kate on holidays with the 'rents
"My parents insit on camping everywhere- I've had to camp in Philadelphia and the red-light district of Paris, but when you're little you don't realise it's weird. And once our tent broke in a thunderstorm, so the seven of us had to sleep in a two-man tent!"

Lauren on sunburn
"I always get sunburnt 'cause I'm so fair. I can't stay in the sun too long and I have to use sunblock all over. My head burnt where we were in Spain recently because it was the only part of my body that I didn't slaver in suntan cream. The others are always keeping an eye on me and screamong, 'Lauren! You're got a bit of sunburn there!'"

Marie on her best holiday
"My best ever holiday was the last one I went on- I went to Tenerife with my family. We saw three Elvis impersonators in a week, which was great."

Lauren on holidays from hell
"My family are cursed- every holiday we've had has been really bad. We've been struck by lightening ona ski- lift in Germany, stranded at a roundabout in Perth and been stuck on a ferry in a force-10 gale! And I got hassled by a group of bikers in Spain who came after me with video cameras. They wanted to practise their English on me. After that mam and dad vowed never to go abroad again."

Emmy-Kate on giving the 'rents the slip on holiday
"When I was 16 I went camping with my mates but Mum and Dad were staying nearby. We began to realise they were doing a patrol at seven o'clock every night like, 'Hi girls, just thought we'd chech in.' So at that time we'd stop what we were doing and act sensibly."

Lauren on America
"When we toured America last year, that was like a holiday. We went to LA, Boston, and New York, met Courtney Love, drove limousinse everywhere, went to loads of parties and danced with transvestites. Oh, and we did gigs too. But the minute we got on the plane we said, "Ah, this is the start of our holiday."

Marie on cool souvenirs
"I like bringing back glitterballs. Commemorative therometers are also good and Elvis things."

Emmy-Kate on romances
"I had a holiday romance once at Butlins, with a boy I thought was cool 'cause he had long hair and liked indie music. It didn't last long and I may or may not have caught glandular fever off him."

Emmy-Kate on holiday packing
"I take loads of stuff on holiday, but end up wearing only a couple of favourite things. All you really need is apair of knickers and a credit card. And a passport if you're going abroad."

Kenickie's fave summer holiday records
Marie "Holiday by Madonna."
Lauren "Summer Babe by Pavement."
Emmy-Kate "Rock-a-Hula Baby by Elvis Presley."