The HTML fragment pour vous

what the HTML will look like:

This lovable, huggable, eyelinered RingSurf Boys in Makeup Supporting Net Ring
site is owned by BIMP.
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and here is the HTML for you to copy

<center> <img src="**GRAPHIC OF YOUR CHOICE"> <p> This lovable, huggable, eyelinered <a href="">RingSurf</a> <a href="">Boys in Makeup Supporting</a> Net Ring<BR> site is owned by <a href="**YOUR E-MAIL**">**YOUR NAME**</a>. <br> [ <a href=";id=**YOUR ID**;action=skip">Skip Next</a> | <a href=";id=**YOUR ID**;action=next5">Next 5 Sites</a> | <a href=";action=rand">Random Site</a> | <a href=";action=list">List Every Damn Site!</a> ] <br> [ <a href=";id=**YOUR ID**;action=prev5">Previous 5 Sites</a> | <a href=";id=**YOUR ID**;action=sprev">Skip Previous</a> | <a href=";id=**YOUR ID**;action=prev">Previous</a> | <a href=";id=**YOUR ID**;action=next">Next</a> ] <P> </center>

Graphics For You

The above picture is: <img src="bimw6.jpg" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=250>
Please note it is huge if you do not resize it. The original picture was taken by Nicki, the subject is Andre Scherer, current BIMP spotlightee

Nicky Wire:

Called bimw3.jpg

DiV resized our original of Brian (so you don't have to bother anymore with pesky resizing in your html frag):

Called bimw4.jpg

Chelsey made us this one of Bug:

Called bimw5.jpg

ONE last thing, some people are asking if they can use different pictures/html, of course you can! As long as it says "boys in makeup webring" somewhere so that it identifies that it is THIS ring you are indeed part of, you can use a picture of a rubber chicken in eyeliner for all I care.