Links and then some


*Goth-Boi Babe of the Week

*Brian Lovers Outrageously (Ophelia's page for Brian Molko)

*Be Natural (Nicky Wire site)

*Chateau D'Amir (Amir Derakh site)

*Gloria Official site

*Plastic Princess Official site

*The Toilet Boys Official site

*Blue Period Official Site

*Paint Your Nails Bright Green (it's about Psychotica)

*London After Midnight

*Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rockstars Official Site

Fuck Our Facist Beauty Standards a clique site, for some reason we're they're featured clique so I figured I might as well link 'em




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And then some...

The Official BIMP film

BIMP's fave cartoon band (even if Trent doesn't wear makeup)