Haben sie Andre? Ja!

The BIMP High Court hereby finds Andre Scherer of Gloria guilty of being goodlooking and being German, yet singing in English. Ok, we admit Marlene Dietrich sang in different languages. And it DOES help that Gloria manager extraordinnaire Nicki speaks English, should you have any pressing questions (like, "Can I pleaseplease buy a Gloria CD?" or "Does Andre prefer lipgloss or lipstick?"). Let's not forget after all, your dastardly lazy Bimpwebstress does not speak an ounce of German (except a few key phrases such as "I love you, but you're a chicken!" and "shit!"), it's just that German is such a fun language. Now before you run off to rent 'Run Lola Run", please view the below pictures and be sure to visit the Official Gloria site and Nicki's Philomena Photos featuring tons of pictures of Andre looking lovely.

First picture donated to BIMP from Harmony, who found it on the Official site. Second picture given by Nicki, once again please visit Philomena Photos, link can be found above.