Hey, Hey David You’re Really Fantastic

Ophelia, upon deciding to be really extravagant and make yet ANOTHER spotlighted BIM bit, chose David Ryder-Prangley from Rachel Stamp for your delectation. (Sorry about talking in third person there, heehee;))

Anyways, I can’t claim to be entirely in the know about Rachel Stamp. But I do know that their singer inspires groupiedom, just look at him! (see below) To date, Rachel Stamp have released a few singles/Eps. They seem to tour the UK quite frequently and have played in LA in the US. However they are unsigned. Before I let you get a good look at the boy, with pictures stolen from the official Rachel Stamp site (it’s not my fault! They don’t provide and e-mail address for me to ask if it’s okay), let me just share with you an excerpt from an interview you may or may not find amusing.

David: “I always wear makeup, I get out of bed and put makeup on.”

The interviewer: “why?”

D: "I like it. Why are you wearing a T-shirt?"

Interviewer: Because I'd look stupid walking around topless.

D: "Well exactly. I'd look stupid without makeup on."

Ooo, come on, he’s a total BIM!! The whole male part of the band wears makeup (you can see a pic of them in the regular gallery) Anyways. Now after waiting, you get your pictures. I swear he looks like a total doll. (Not a New York one though, he’s Welsh)