Johnny Menswear, here's looking at you kid!

Lily picks Johnny from Menswear as her spotlighted BIM. Menswear you may or may not know. They were a britpop band who released an album at the height of Britpop prosperity. They were in with all the other big bands of the moment like Blur and Pulp, one of them even dated Donna from Elastica. Later, after both Elastica and Menswear went into very long off seasons, Johnny was linked with new at the time, now ex, bassist for Elastica, Sheila.

After Menswear's first album and the fall of Britpop happened sometime later, their record label disbanded. Temporarily in 1997 Menswear came back on the scene a bit as a country band (!) I believe Johnny stopped wearing makeup, though I'll check the pictures I've got...BUT! This part of the webpage is dedicated to his makeup wearing efforts. Menswear did end up releasing a second album 'Hay Tiempo' in Japan which alledgedly is being released in the UK this year. Look at Johnny now, though, back when he wore makeup now (Lily has provided these pictures herself)

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