The Spotlight points to a boy in makeup you should know about

Hey, it was hard to get away from the idea that this site can be used to introduce you to lads in makeup you might not know about. I don't mean your next door neighbour is a closet BIM, I mean like blokes in bands or in films that just aren't international stars.

Sooo, as an Orlando fan (that would be me, Ophelia Glitter), I can't not share Dickon with you all. Now, he doesn't wear makeup all the time, I don't believe, but looking at the Orlando album booklet both him and Tim are just such pixie boys I had to spotlight one of them! I couldn't believe they weren't wearing makeup in the picture *pouts* I refuse to believe that Tim never wears makeup at all, it would be considered a crime against humanity if he didn't! Now, incase you were wondering, Dickon has left Orlando and has a new band called Fosca. Which we all hope to hear from soon, don't we?;) Orlando are still brilliant, rumours are that they might have a single out sometime before we all die, so keep you fingers crossed!

Umm, yea these pictures are nicked from the wonderous Orlando Magic website, which is basically dead now so I'm hoping they won't hate me too much;) I know these aren't nessecarily flattering pictures of Dickon but you can't deny the makeup! heehee

Lest you were wondering the last picture is from their Just For A Second single which I do not own;( Should I ever get it I may try to scan it bigger. Dickon is the boy on the right for those of you not yet accquainted with who he is;)

I've just found a dead nifty Orlando website that has actually been updated this year! Hurrah! It's called Passive Soul