They Belong

The BIMP mailing list has 94 members. If you were to join, well hey! You'd be a member too! ;) And you know we loooove you! But anyways....

What sort of people join BIMP is what you probably really really want to know. Wellll, I'll tell you! Some of our beautiful members are:

Kat Visit her website

Erin Visit her website

Betty Visit her website


Jenny Visit her website



*no picture 'cause I'm camera shy*
Ophelia, your lazy BIMPwebstress Visit her website

Don't you want to be just like them?? If you're already a member send your picture or web link in to me today;)Or if you're not a member don't sit around wanting to belong and not knowing why that's wrong...'cause it's not wrong. You should join the list! (Have I plugged the BIMP list enough yet, mommy??? ;))

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