Roll the Credits!

page 1
-Backyard Babies
--Dregen from Diva Inferno

-Blue Period
--Adrian Roberts from Lazyone

-Coal Chamber
--Bug from DiV
--Meegs from DiV

-Dir En Grey from chels

-Dandy Warhols
--Peter Holstrom from Ophelia

--Eric Erlandson from Lily

--David and Nicky Kulund from Ophelia

-London After Midnight from Official site
--Sean same as above

-Marilyn Manson
--Daisy Berkowitz (former member)from May
--John 5 from Jen
--Brian Warner from Lily
--Zim Zum (former member) from Jen

--Jaime Harding from Isabel

--Martin Bimrose from Ophelia

-Nancy Boy from Rebecca

--Amir Derakh from Official Orgy Site
--Jay Gordon from Marci

--Pat Briggs from Lazyone

-Rachel Stamp from Official site

-Red Hot Chili Peppers
--John Frusciante from Diva Inferno

-Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rockstars from the Official Site

--Daniel Johns from Official site

-Toilet Boys
--Guy from Shannon

--Richard from Ayana
--Tiny from Ophelia

-Victims in Ecstasy
--Andrew from Sinisster

-Witchmoon from chels

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all from Ophelia

--Damon Albarn as Debbie Harry
--Alex James as Cindy in 'Parklife'

-Echo and the Bunnymen
--Ian McCulloch as Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz'

--Justin Welch as Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'

-Velvet Goldmine --Curt Wilde and Brian Slade as played by Ewan McGregor and Johnny Rhys Meyers from Jen
--Brian 1 from Jen and 2 from Unofficial Johnny Rhys Meyers site
--Jack Fairy as played by Micko Westmoreland from Cecilia

-Eddie Izzard (comedian) from Ayana

page 4
-Chris from himself
-Christian from himself
-Cristoffer from himself
-Mark from himself
-Ricky from Erin
-Sindri from himself
-Scott from himself

Pink Leopard Print Background from Ophelia's Italian knee highs, if you steal it and she find's out, she'll strangle you with one of them. No joke, got it?

Pictures of Lipstick and Compact from either Maybelline or Cover Girl. I can't remember ;/

There's no justice in this world!

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