The Angrogynoustory of BIMP

BIMP was founded one average evening (US time, dead early morning UK time)by two intelligent and perfectly sane young women who both simultaneously acknowledged the lack of boys in makeup in their respective areas of inhabitance. The words "we should form a party!" were most likely uttered by Lily Quicksilver, one of the founding members, who in the same sitting coined the acronym BIMP. BIMP which stands for Boys in Makeup Party, was there born and bred that evening (and dead early morning).

Ophelia Glitter, the other founding member, then took the initiative to have an ill-fated attempt at creating a website at only to eventually come up with this little gem here.

Before, however, the website was fully thrown at the public, there was the mailing list, simply known as B-I-M-P. In the same time period these things were established about the organisation:
1. The slogan of the party would be "Say yes to eyeliner!"
2. Brian Molko of Placebo would be the official mascot
3. So would Nicky Wire of the Manics and Stefan Olsdal of Placebo be mascots for the times they wear makeup
4. It is entirely irrelevent what sexuality the boy in makeup is, as long as he's wearing the stuff and is partially aesthetically pleasing
5. Female members of BIMP are free to live as glamourously as possible (ie no need to try to look like blokes), after all, at times they must set an example for the lost makeupless boys of the world
6. Conversions should be made whenever there is the opportunity
7. Glitter is the preferable state of mind

We hope if you are reading this you have an interest in the party. Take care and wear that eyeliner with pride....