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From Their Own Mouths!

are you just waiting to hear a precious word that they have said? You've come to the right place my darling;)


on Christmas present shopping:

"I'm a very efficient shopper, if a bit ambitious. I had so many bags round my wrists that they were bleeding and I had to phone my dad to come get me."

on Marie lying on top of her:

"I don't mind because Marie's got really big boobs, so when she lies on me she feels squishy."

on kebab shop workers:

"That's the story of our lives at the moment. The kebab shop man knows you and you don't know how. We've been in here that often."

on the tragedies that have made her who she is today:

"Two tragic events in my life. When I am four, I am pistol whipped by my brother. When I am six, my best friend colludes with the class to steal what I love. My Golden Wonder cheese and onion crisps. That I love, and I have never got over it. And I loved them. And she stole them. And I never forgave her for a decade. We sorted it out last year."

on her feelings about 'Come Out 2nite':

"It was written about a very specific summer. That was us, and we've got every right to sing it [even though it's no longer a true statement about the band]."

on the self-hate in her songs:

"Well, y'know, everyone feels like that some of the time. I feel like that a lot of the time. It's cos when I was little, I was always tall and quite fat as well. So, I always felt more like a boy than a girl. O god I almost said 'I'm a boy trapped in a girl's body!' But I was like a complete man."


on meeting Lauren:

"When I was little, I started a new school, so I took my doll because I was a bit scared. Lauren was sitting in the classroom and apparently whe she saw me appear in the doorway she thought, 'I want that doll'. So we ended up playing together and have been friends since then."

on the party that got kenickie rolling:

"The party was the catalyst for us forming the band. But we'd decided to get a band together previously because we'd just left school and we were so fucking bored we thought we would explode. We'd gone to a Catholic school and were used to his regime of 'work, work, work, don't sleep, don't eat, just read and write. So were were just being silly and pretending to be in a band and the guy from the record company fell for it. He asked us to send him a tape and we agreed 'cause we were drunk."

on being an indie kid:

"I think being an indie kid is a noble pursuit. I probably like more shite then anybody. But that does not make me a sad individual."

on attaining the look they wanted despite set-backs:

"We wanted to look like Fifties film stars. And if that means old men call you Ruby and think you left them during the war, then so be it."

on who everyone should be like:

"I think you should be like Marge Simpson, and cruch all emotion and anger into a small, tight, ball at the pit of your stomach until you get used to it being there."


on her desire for the pulp frontman:

"Jarvis marry me you skinny hunk."

on getting drunk:

"We don't 'get drunk in the park' anymore. We get drunk on Park Lane."

on how her appearance will never change because of money:

"I was saying to Marie, it doesn't matter how much money we get, we'll always be attracted to things that are spangly and shiny, and I'll always look like we've just fallen over."

Johnny X

on the question 'how punk rock are kenickie?':

"Punk as fuck."

on the rest of kenickie finding a CD single from a mysterious Johnny X, which they fearfully suspect might signify him starting a solo career:

"It was a long time ago, long before I found my musical direction. Someone's obviously been exploiting me."

on a ballerina book he got for Christmas:

"This is my favourite. It fulfils a lifelong dream for me. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to dance."

on being questioned about the line "we dress cheap, we dress tacky":

"We dress expensive, we dress in designer labels doesn't scan."

on the proper career for Marie:

"Do you know what Marie would be good as? One of those Shock Jocks they have on the radio."