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Stay in the Sun with Rosita

So here it is! The signed Rosita 7" ;) I thank greatly the two people who helped me acquire it (yea, it took two people!). Although, I think that Live it Down is more catchier then the b-side, it has grown on me.

Having bought the Otter the July EP in Edinburgh (where they overcharged me 50p!) thus getting to hear 'Sugar', I have to say that Rosita feels to me like the piece that broke off kenickie that was the pop part. For those of you who haven't heard Rosita, I know I'm not the only who feels that although I like Rosita, they make me miss kenickie. I'm starting to miss Lauren as well. I did get to here 'Don't Falter' awhile ago. But to me that's not quite new stuff from Lauren. It's simply a song featuring her.

It's wrong of me to bitch that Rosita + 'Don't Falter' aren't Kenickie but surely I'm not the only who wishes Marie would do something like Dragrace or Spies. It seems as though we've got the pop but where's the punk ran away to? Lauren certainly isn't quite carrying on with the "indie" side of the 'nix as some of us predicted she would. O well, I guess you can't have everything!