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Go forth my honeys and visit other places of 'nix-ness!

Some links to fly you far away

This is that small bit at the Warner Brothers site I do believe it is
Kenickie Fried Chicken
Still running, though I'm not sure they've updated it recently
Planet Kenickie
hasn't been updated either but still a cool site
The Spiritual Home of Kenickie
it's got a pink background but don't let that put you off! you too could be pretty in pink, sveetie
Psychic Defense
if it weren't for this page I never would've known about the Peel Sessions CD *happy sob*
Matt's Kenickie Page
it claims to be the only page owned by Matt dedicated to Kenickie (o really?), has a place where you can vote on the best 'nix songs
Kenickie Caravan
the front picture is very stylish
Kenickie Corner
ooo, new ripply Marie thing on the page now is it?
Greased Lightening
all I ever here these days is "blahblah Greased Lightening message board" if I weren't so scared of internet message boards I'd go myself. You can also get a link to the Rosita site SugarSugar by following this link.

Other things
The imusic message board for kenickie, not much has ever gone on over there...
Boys in Makeup Party
Sharing the webspace with this page we have the BIMP site!