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Honorary mascots

here are some boys in makeup that were not elected for mascotdom originally but we still love them or at least if we don't you have told us you do;)

Tiny Wood, Ultrasound

Justin, Elastica (pictured with Justine)

Damon Albarn, Blur (as Debbie Harry)

Peter Holmstrom, The Dandy Warhols

Brian Warner, Marilyn Manson

Tim Wheeler, Ash (as Scully from the X-Files with Mark Hamilton as Mulder and Rick McMurray as an alien)

"We have so much makeup people are always tripping over it." -Amir from Orgy on Orgy's makeupness

Alex James, Blur (as Cindy from the Parklife video)

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credits: First four pictures and last picture provided by Ophelia Glitter. Next two provided by Lily Quicksilver. Last picture and quote provided by Natasha.